I got job in Dubai because Im hot – I was only hired when CEO saw my face

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A woman has revealed how useful her good looks are in real life – even bagging her a job in Dubai.

Summer Fox, 24, hopped on the “pretty privilege” bandwagon on TikTok to share her story.

Pretty privilege is the belief that those who are deemed more attractive have an upper hand in life, getting opportunities that us normal folk would only dream of.

And Summer is fairly confident she falls into those able to make use of it.

Speaking in a TikTok video, she explained: “Well I don’t look that hot right now but I am.

“Anyway, I really wanted to move to Dubai so I was applying for jobs online and I wasn’t get any luck, probably because they couldn’t see my face.

“So I thought I’d message some CEOs on LinkedIn direct… your girl is moving to Dubai next Wednesday.”

Summer’s video has been seen more than 300,000 times since it was shared earlier this year.

“‘Well I don’t look that hot right now but I am’… I will always say that from now on,” one viewer wrote.

Another commented: “The confidence sis! Can you leave me some before you leave please?”

But someone else said pretty privilege isn’t always a good thing.

“The absolute opposite happened to me,” they wrote. “Got a job and was ready to move and they emailed to say I was too attractive to teach high school boys.”

And it turns out the viewer isn’t the only one to have found the opposite side to the status.

Autumn Westfall recently lifted the lid on what it is like working in a construction company dominated by men.

She says she’s often treated like a tea girl and her colleagues often ignore her emails.

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