I grew two new boobs in my armpits after having my baby, they leaked milk whenever I breastfed

A MUM-of-two recently appeared on the TV show Botched with a rather unusual issue – boobs in her armpits.

Samantha, from Los Angeles, appeared on the show after she developed breasts in her armpits, which she called "pitties", after she gave birth to her first child.

Her "pitties" caused her great amounts of pain, but every time she breastfed her children, they would leak milk.

Breasts under the armpits could also be due to an infection, cysts or enlarged lymph nodes.

She told Botched surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif the lumps occurred after she gave birth to her daughter Kendall, but got worse after the birth of her son, Kamden.

Samantha said: “I have two sets of boobs and although you would think that would be fun, it's not."

As time went on, Samantha joked the lump had probably grown to the same size as a B-cup.

Although she was able to make light of the situation, she also admitted that the ‘pitties had caused her a lot of embarrassment and shame.

Samamtha even refused to wear anything that would risk putting them on show.

She even gave up her sleeveless wedding dress she had dreamed of wearing and left her in constant pain as they became raw, chaffed and sore.

Previous doctors and experts told Samantha that nothing could be done to the lumps, she turned to the Botched doctors for guidance.

Terry and Paul explained to Samantha that there could be an issue with her thyroid and that surgery would put her at a high risk.

They explained that the breasts could be a result of a build-up of breast tissue under the arms, or a hormone imbalance.

But after several tests, the surgeons concluded that it wasn't Samantha's thyroid causing her an issue, but merely a build-up of skin tissue.

Even her husband Frank admitted that the lumps had seriously affected their love life, as Samantha refused to be topless in front of him.

He said: “When we got married, Samantha wasn't even able to wear the wedding dress of her dreams because it's a sleeveless dress that revealed everything in her armpit.

“I hope that maybe one day she would be able to wear her dress that she's always wanted to wear.”

But the doctors knew the risks and were aware of the issues they may face, so made sure everything was in order before allowing Samantha to go under the knife.

After concluding the issue in her armpits were an isolated issue, the surgeons suggested a liposuction procedure.

Dr Dubrow performed a liposuction on the lumps to remove fat from either side, before opening up the masses and cutting out the fatty tissue.

The operation left Samantha completely free from the 'pitties' that had plagued her.

She said: "I can't wait to wear what I want and just be more confident.

"I'm just so excited. I'm so thankful for Dr Dubrow. He just did what he knew he needed to do."

After being overjoyed with the results of the surgery, Samantha celebrated by wearing the sleeveless wedding dress of her dreams.

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