I had a mummy makeover in Turkey, its so bad I feel my stomach will explode

A woman flew to Turkey for a "mummy makeover" to have a full body lift and called it the "worst thing" she's ever done.

Maisie Smith did a gastric sleeve surgery last year but was left with a "jelly belly" so she decided to go back to Istanbul to get rid of the saggy skin.

She also asked for breast implants to enhance the support on her chest.

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But it wasn't an easy operation.

Last week, she posted post-op video to give fans a reality check of the makeover.

Lying on bed in a hospital ward, Maisie winced and said: "I can't even cry, this is the worst thing I've done in my life.

"I feel so uncomfortable, I've got blood transfusion. It's f***ing horrible, they've stopped my morphine, I'm in f***ing agony."

The doctors removed 11lbs of loose skin and inserted implants in her breasts.

Maisie, who previously lost 8.5st, was not feeling happy the way her loose skin hanging down her stomach.

She stayed for a week in Turkey and flew back home with elastic band wrapped around her waist.

Trolls have been calling her out as being fake in the post-op video and she took the opportunity to defend herself.

Maisie explained: "I went to Turkey and had a mummy makeover, got a 360 tummy tuck — that's a body lift on the bottom and getting pulled up.

"They called it FDL — it's an uplift and I had implants.

"I'm not crying because I've had a tooth out. I knew it weren't easy but I've vlogged it to tell you it ain't an easy job.

"So if I've got a video of me and hysteric crying, or trying to cry and I can't cry because my stomach feels like it's gonna explode, then so be it.

"Don't try coming at me saying I'm faking it. It's one of the hardest things I've done it again, I fully didn't think I was gonna make it out alive.

"That's how I bad I felt after op."

But a week into her recovery, Maisie felt much better and the swelling has gone down.

She, however, still feels tired and needs her mum to help around with things.

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