‘I hid my big boobs for years – people got confused when I got breast reduction

A woman left her friends and family flabbergasted after she decided to get a breast reduction – because they didn't even realise she had a large chest.

Elle, who posts online as @elles_surgery_journey, claims she was able to hide her huge assets so well that everyone around her had no idea she was struggling under the weight of them.

In a viral video, she explained how she would "dress accordingly" to hide them – which included tucking them into the corset of her wedding dress.

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So, when it came to a point where Elle, from Melbourne, Australia, wanted a breast reduction, her decision left people confused.

On TikTok, she said: "When I started telling people that I was having a breast reduction, everyone has said, 'I really didn't notice that you had big boobs and that it was a worry to you.'

"I answer with, 'I dress accordingly.' I've spent my whole life dressing accordingly."

She then showed a photo of herself when she was "at her thinnest" at 27 years old and pointed to the belt of her dress saying her boobs were "under there".

She added: "I wear tops that don't show off my cleavage."

Then, she showed her followers a photo of herself in her wedding dress and claimed that her boobs were tucked into the corset of the gown so people couldn't see where her boobs "finished".

Viewers were left stunned at how she was able to hide them for so long and hoped she found comfort since having the reduction surgery.

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One user wrote: "Reduction is the surgery with the HIGHEST post-satisfaction, and I agree. good luck healing!"

Another commented: "I could never do this it would be so uncomfortable."

A third penned: "Exactly that, the same happened and still happens to me best decision ever."

Other users corrected her and said she would dress "conservatively" but argued that she "should wear what [she] wants because life is too short."


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