I spent £5k on daughters bday party but kids are banned – their mums hate me

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    An outspoken mum is splashing out thousands on a mermaid themed birthday party for her daughter – but other kids are banned.

    Carla Bellucci said her little girl Blu, who is set to turn two, does not mix with other toddlers.

    She acknowledged that this was because of how she lives her life – separated from the “mumzillas” she has slammed in the media.

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    The 42-year-old has hired party planners for the special day later this month but has explained to the mermaid that she will only have one child to entertain.

    Speaking to Daily Star, she said: “People will say I am depriving her… But I don’t mix with mums so she has no kid friends.

    “Maybe it’s because it’s the way I am but I don’t do any toddler groups. I tried them but oh god no… everyone has this judgement on me before I even go.

    “Like when I went up to nursery yesterday to make sure Blu’s name was down for January they were like ‘oh yeah, we know Blu already’.

    “It’s because of the way I live my life and the way I play it out in the media, people just don’t agree with it.

    “The more they read, they build up this character. I know it is myself who has done it but people do have that judgement, they think I am a nut job.

    “People have this image of me but at the end of the day I am happy, my kids are happy and we are having a blowout and other mums can concentrate on their own parties.”

    Mum-of-four Carla, who lives in Hitchin, Herts, earned her notoriety when she took advantage of the NHS by faking depression for a free nose job.

    But it was actually because of her daughter Blu that she ended up showing remorse.

    She endured a traumatic birth where she stopped breathing for almost three minutes before doctors saved her life.

    And she said surviving that ordeal is one of the reasons she goes all out for milestones.

    “The two years have gone so quick,” she said. “I know this will be my last child and I just want to give her everything.

    “I am being over the top because I want to appreciate every moment with her and have the biggest and best blowouts for everything.

    “She has already gone on four holidays abroad and she is getting a fifth one soon.”

    Carla has enjoyed a year to remember after marrying her husband Giovanni in Cape Verde in July.

    But as for whether settling down has mellowed her, her words suggest otherwise.

    Asked whether she was ever tempted to invite other kids and parents to the bash, she said: “I just can’t be dealing with it.

    “The drama, other people’s kids, I like my own kids but that’s enough. I just don’t do other people’s kids, all the fighting, all the squabbling.

    “Plus we live in a rural area. There is nobody around here, we live in a field, literally. Some people will think I am exaggerating but we do actually live on a field with nobody around here and I don’t mix with other mums obviously.

    “Mums hate me and I won’t have them under my roof.

    “I don’t care if people mum shame me, Blu will have the best birthday ever.”

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