I tried the $22 underboob bikini from Amazon that’s about to be everywhere

Well, at least we can unmask something this summer.

Friends, meet the underboob bikini — the official hot-girl look of the season. Like the Skinnygirl margaritas you’ll swill to squeeze into it, The Suit owes its rising star to reality TV. Mere minutes into Episode 1 of “Too Hot To Handle,” Netflix’s trashy-fab series about pretty players learning how to love, cast member Francesca Farago struts onto set in the jaw-dropping $38 Fashion Nova “Euphoria” suit, permanently altering cleavage as we know it.

“It’s my sexiest bikini,” the 26-year-old, who goes by Frankie, tells The Post. “I had to make a big entrance! . . . It was such a hit.”

While the suit’s bottoms are certainly worth a surreptitious glance (blink and you’ll miss them), it’s the peek-a-boob top that demands a long, shameless gawk. There’s a lot going on! Things start off reasonably, with a sports-bra neckline and utilitarian shoulder straps. But midboob, logic gives way to a sanity-challenging empanada-shaped cutout.

It’s a training bra that ripped Jell-o shots and stumbled into a sex party. It is 200 percent ridiculous. I promptly bought a $22 dupe on Amazon and convinced six friends to do the same.

The internet’s awash with strappy underboob styles, but Byoauo’s sexy cutout bikini was exactly what I wanted to pay for air with a side of fabric. The suit runs small, but you don’t want to risk a loose top — if you do, nips will slip. I bought my usual size and chucked the bottoms, which were traumatically tiny. (Has anyone eaten a vegetable since lockdown started?) No regrets; this look’s all about the top.

Our particular brand of lockdown fashion insanity is a popular one: Google searches for “underboob bikini” spiked when “Too Hot” aired, and Farago’s Instagram comments are flooded with messages from buyers and wanna-buyers. Even the model’s formidably hot castmates took note.

“Right when I started doing the underboob, everyone started doing it,” she says.

I asked Farago to please, please help me understand her bikini’s perplexing hotness.

“Underboob is just way more attractive than cleavage,” she says sagely. “Cleavage doesn’t look good on everyone, but the under area is really flattering on any sort of chest. Smaller boobs, bigger boobs, real boobs, fake — no matter what type of boob you have, the under is just like, the nice little half-moon.”

Plus, as trends go, this one’s the rare crowd-pleaser. Unlike high-waisted shorts or chunky platforms, “Guys are just as into this as girls,” says Farago, who lives in Vancouver, Canada, and is engaged to her beau from the show, Harry Jowsey. (Is he an underboob guy? An … overboob guy? “Definitely both.”) The suit she wore on the show is the Fashion Nova bikini, and she’s hoping to debut a similar style with her upcoming swim line, Farago the Label.

Some find meditation helpful during these challenging times. Try this: Close your eyes. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. Now picture yourself on a beach. The sun is beating down on your shoulders. The waves are crashing. And everywhere you turn, you see it: the underboob bikini. Preposterous. Glorious. Supreme.

The minute that lockdown ends, Farago says, “It’s going to be my main style, for sure.”

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