‘I was shamed over my cute tennis outfit – people think it’s too revealing

A woman asked for advice about what to wear to tennis – and probably wishes she didn’t.

She took to Reddit to share a picture of her proposed outfit, which she planned to wear to an up-market tennis club. It included a cute white bra top and matching skirt.

The anonymous lass captioned the image: “Got invited to a bougie tennis club to play tennis, is this appropriate? Will be casual tennis and then also lunch.

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“For the record I did look ALL OVER the website of the tennis club to look for anything about attire but all they have is to wear mostly white and have non marking shoes. Also the top and skirt are both from Lululemon.”

The post garnered more than 1,600 upvotes – and even though there was nothing X-rated about her outfit, some deemed it "too revealing" and "not appropriate" to wear on the court.

One responder said: "I worked at a private club and this outfit would not be appropriate. Think conservative attire."

Another agreed: "So, I’ve worked for many very wealthy people and belong to clubs like this. This is not appropriate at all. No midriff and less cleavage, unless you’re trying out to be a cart girl for golf."

And a third added: "Most clubs have a dress code against midriff tops. This outfit is soooooooo NOT appropriate.

"That skirt is not appropriate either. Go for an actual tennis skirt. You're literally wearing a mini skirt. And also bring a white sweater as some places may have rules on bare shoulders."

Yikes, seems pretty strict to us! But despite the majority of the comments being quite harsh on the clothing choice, some did spring to the woman's defence.

One Redditor reassured: "I think this is the cutest outfit! I have no idea about the appropriateness, I just wanted to comment on how freakin' cute you look in it!"

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