Ideal time to dine out for cheaper restaurant bill

Savings: Expert gives advice on 'crucial' ways to save money

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Fancy some restaurant-cooked food but don’t want to fork out an extortionate amount of money? Savvy money-saving Content Creator Christina Marie shared how people can save money eating out.

Christina’s first tip was to go out for breakfast or lunch rather than dinner.

This way you still get the enjoyment of a celebratory meal, without the hefty price tag – which is what many Britons may seek during this cost of living crisis.

She stated: “I always find the dinner menu is more expensive, but if you’re going for breakfast or lunch there’s usually some lunch specials or something that makes it cheap to eat out.”

Christina found that with her favourite all-you-can-eat sushi buffet, the lunch menu costs $16 (around £14.50), while the dinner menu costs $26 (around £23.57)

This is a difference of over £9 – even though the food and quantity is the same. This can really add up over time.

Taking a look at some popular UK eateries, this idea seems to check out.

At Pizza Express’ Baker Street, London, location, foodies can enjoy a pizza wrap and salad from the lunch menu for £9.95 – available Monday-Friday until 4pm.

Fast forward to dinner, all four salads cost £12.95 and the cheapest pizza is the Leggera Pomodoro for £11.95.

British favourite Harvester offers a two or three-course Lunch Set Menu from Monday to Friday between 11.30 and 5pm. This can cost as little as £10.49.

For those who aren’t too hungry, some restaurants won’t bat an eyelid if an adult orders from the kids’ menu.

Yes, it will be a smaller portion, but it will also more than likely be much cheaper.

As well as the food potentially costing less, restaurant lovers can save money on drinks earlier in the day.

This is because it’s unlikely that diners will be splashing out on expensive bottles of wine in the morning or during an early lunch.

For family outings, Christina suggested going to eat at restaurants that let children dine for free.

At The Real Greek, for example, children under 12 years old dine for free – as long as each adult spends £10 or more.

At Angus Steakhouse, children under the age of 10 eat for free Monday – Friday from 12-5pm – including the school holidays.

Christina’s next tip was to skip one course during meals out – dessert.

She said: Rather than fork out lots of money for a piece of cake, Christina will often pay the bill after her starter and main course.

Then, she heads to the McDonald’s Drive Thru so satisfy any sweet cravings. According to Burger Lad, a McFlurry costs just £1.19 in the UK.

Finally, the money-saver told people to “always save your leftovers – you paid for that food, so you should definitely take it home”.

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