I'm considering challenging my father's will – is it the right thing to do?

DEAR DEIDRE:  MY 86-year-old dad died late last year, leaving his entire estate to be split equally between his children.

There were four of us. But unfortunately one of my sisters has died, leaving two daughters and a son – me.

At 53, I am the oldest. There are eight grandchildren in total and my sister who died had two children.

Frustratingly, my father decided that in the event of one of his children dying, their portions of inheritance should be split equally between their children.

But I can’t see how this is fair. My children will have to wait to receive anything from my father, by which time there won’t be very much left. But their cousins will receive significant amounts now.

I am considering challenging my father’s will but am led to believe that would cost a lot of money.

One sister agrees but the other thinks we need to respect Dad’s wishes.

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DEIDRE SAYS:  I’m sure your deceased sisters’ children would much rather have their mum back than any inheritance.

Think of this as money shared equally by four different families, rather than by different individuals.

If you feel very strongly your children should also benefit, you could also consider sharing your inheritance with them now.

If you would like more information on wills specifically, a good place to start off is citizensadvice.org.uk. It has a whole section on wills.

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