Im nearly 60 and had my first child at 40 – Im just getting started

A woman admitted she didn't have her first child until 40 – and said she's only just getting started with life.

Clarissa Dane Hughes, 59, has gone viral after sharing her life timeline on TikTok.

And a lot of women said that it's given them 'hope' about where they are at in their lives.

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In a TikTok clip which racked up over 4.6million views, Clarissa expressed some reassurance for others if they are 'feeling old'.

The grey haired beauty said: "In case you're feeling old, it's your reminder today that I met my husband when I was 37, got married at 39 and had my first baby right before my 40th birthday and my second baby when I was 43.

"There's still time.

"And I'm almost 60, I feel like I'm just getting started.

"Don't worry, you have time and you can create and be anything you want and you can reinvent yourself anytime you want.

"Life is an amazing journey, enjoy it."

Clarrisa sadly shared in her public TikTok bio she has had four miscarriages in her life and she is currently 33 years sober.

Many women fled to the comments to relate to Clarissa and thanked her for sharing her story.

One person commented: "I thought she was gonna say I’m almost 60 and pregnant again."

Another user added: "I needed this.

"I am 41, very single, no kids and alone. This gives me some hope."

While a third related: "Met my husband at 36, had my baby 5 weeks before I turned 40.

"I feel so grateful."

Someone else praised: "Thanks so much for the encouragement."

Meanwhile, a fifth declared: "It’s 2023, let’s not give people deadlines.

"Thanks for sharing."

And, this woman shared: "I will add another thank you because I am currently having my 3rd mental breakdown over the status of my life at 37."

Clarrisa thanked users for commenting on her post and felt "grateful" that so many women found it useful.

"If I could only go back to when I was 37 & tell myself how amazing life turns out," she added.


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