Im trolled for stripping off and flaunting curves – people are just insecure

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    Influencer Bella Davis is often seen stripping off online.

    However, instead of compliments and likes, she is shedding her clothes to help people love and accept their curves – whatever their size.

    The Australian star, who boasts 155,000 Instagram followers, admits she doesn't always get the same treatment back though.

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    Opening up to Daily Star in an exclusive interview, the social media star admits she is constantly trolled over her size.

    But thankfully, she doesn't let the hate get her down.

    Asked if she any gets any haters, Bella exclaimed: "I get trolled daily! I also get told the most awful things possible."

    Talking about how she deals with this, she added: "I have grown pretty thick skin over the last two years and not much gets to me.

    "But that's not saying the comments don't ever hurt because sometimes they do – especially when I am having a bad day.

    "Now I like to remind myself that hurt people hurt people and that people's comments are a reflection of their own insecurities."

    And it's not just internet trolls targeting her, Bella also claims many of her posts on Instagram have started to become 'censored' for no reason too.

    She wrote: "Over a year ago I started noticing it as my posts were frequently being removed but lately, it has gotten worse as my reach has dropped drastically and my posts aren't being recommended which I see happening to a lot of different creators."

    Asked if she thinks the plus size and body positive community are suffering with this in particular, Bella added: "I honestly do because I'm seeing similar posts from celebrities and other creators being pushed."

    She says more needs to be done to promote body positivity and acceptance around the world.

    The influencer added: "Bodies are still being censored and most clothing stores still don't stock above a size 14 which is bizarre."

    The comments come after Bella opened up to Daily Star about she she started posting her body acceptance snaps.

    Talking about her relationship with body image, Bella said: "When I was 17 I had an eating disorder called bulimia.

    "It was taking over my life and had me losing my hair, not being able to complete some of my end-of-year exams and affected my relationship with those closest to me.

    "It was awful and I never thought I would live a life where i wasn't at war with my body.

    "But I slowly started to better with the help of professionals and years of recovery and from that, I realised that there is more to life than the size of my waist and the fat on my stomach."

    Discussing her Instagram posts, which she started sharing in the global pandemic lockdown, she added: "I wanted to spread that message – especially during lockdown – because I was tired of people telling me I had to leave lockdown the fittest I had ever been.

    "I realised I was so passionate about helping others be kind to their bodies."


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