Immerse Yourself in teamLab's Three-Dimensional Light Shower

Last month, acclaimed Japanese digital art collective teamLab unveiled its plans to launch a collection of immersive experiences inside a new facility called “MASTER” in Shanghai, China. The momentous project will take up two floors inside the TX Huaihai building with the inaugural launch of the collective’s first-ever nightlife concept.

One of the site-specific works to be included in the program is teamLab’s new Shower³ immersive installation. Visitors will be immersed in a three-dimensional light shower made up of a series of moving lights programmed by the collective’s fledgling Light-Sculpture-Plane technology. The sprawling piece is a continuation of teamLab’s aim to change people’s perception of space through various light artworks and sculptures.

“teamLab wants to explore the relationship between himself and the world and new perceptions through art. People divide the world into pieces for recognition and see them as independent with boundaries. We are seeking to cross the boundary of that cognition, the boundary between myself and the world, and the boundary of cognition for continuity of time. Everything exists almost miraculously on a long, long, unbounded continuity,” said teamLab in a statement.

Get a closer look at the Shower³ immersive light installation by watching the video above and then head to teamLab’s website for more information. The work will go on permanent view starting in October.

Elsewhere in art, British graffiti artist STIK just installed his first-ever public sculpture called Holding Hands that celebrates love beyond binary identities.

Huaihai Youth Energy Center, 5-6 Floors
523 Middle Huaihai Road
Huangpu District
Shanghai, China
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