It Takes Just 30 Seconds for This Inflatable Kids' Fort with Over 9,000 Amazon Ratings to Come to Life

Building forts has always been a hit with kids, but it has not always been a hit with parents. If the bones of the fort involve expensive couch cushions, pillows, blankets, and chairs, the seemingly free activity could end up costing you. Instead of battling over building blocks, parents on Amazon suggest giving your kids the Original AirFort Build a Fort.

The best-selling inflatable fort is so easy to set up and take down. To “build” the fort, simply attach a box fan to the designated spot, and it will inflate it in as little as 30 seconds; the mesh fan divider separates the fan’s from the actual fort. Once the fort is blown up, it’s an impressive 6 and a half feet wide and 4 feet tall, so it can fit both kids and (most) adults.

Buy It! AirFort Build A Fort, $49.95;

To deflate the fort, simply remove the fan and pack it away in the included carrying case — it’ll come out to about the size of a pair of folded jeans, so it’s convenient to store. (The box fan is not included, but you can find several affordable box fans on Amazon.)

Available in 11 colors and designs, the forts go beyond your typical blanket home. There are spaceships, barnyards, tiki hut prints, and more. Each model includes mesh windows so kids can see outside and a floor-free design that won’t snag on little feet as they get in and out. The light and breathable fabric ensures the fort stays cool and breezy no matter how many kids are handing inside. Plus, the inflatable structure has met rigorous safety standards. 

GracefulMommy’s TikTok video, which has racked up over 573,000 hearts and over 14,000 shares, shows how easy it is to set up and clean up the fort. “We love this thing!” the video caption reads. “One of those toys we play with A LOT.” The creator notes that their child “can play in this all day and it’s perfect for those hot summer days.”

With over 7,500 five-star ratings, parents who shop on Amazon seem to agree with the TikToker. “One of the best Amazon purchases ever made!” one writes. “I am so tired of my kiddos taking the cushions off the couch and blankets off of beds to build a fort! Then they cry when the ceiling falls in. This fort, along with any box fan is a sanity saver!”

Another says, “My three kids all love it. They play board games in it, puzzles, movie night, and have sleepovers. It’s so easy to get in and out — my husband and I have no problem joining them. The fan makes it a really nice temp inside — none of my kids have complained of being cold at all. It also serves as a great place for a ‘time out’ when one kid needs a little personal space, they can take their toy inside and be alone for a while.”

Other customers give it an “A+ grade” and say it solidifies your title as “the coolest parents ever.” If you’re looking for screen-free entertainment that won’t bust up your furniture, grab the Amazon-loved Original AirFort Build a Fort. 

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