I've developed feelings for my best friend but he is so scruffy it’s really putting me off | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: ALTHOUGH I have developed feelings for my best friend, he is so scruffy – and it’s really putting me off.

He leads an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking and drinking too much.

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His hair is matted and rarely looks brushed, and his beard is unkempt.

I always put in a lot of effort.

I do my hair and make-up, and dress nicely when we are going to meet.

We’ve been out six times since we decided to give things a go and although he’s smoking less, he’s still scruffy.

I’m 29 and he is 30.

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He has also told me he went to prison, but I only know vague details about what he did, other than him being a bit “handsy” with another woman.

I thought I was OK about it but now we’re dating I’m not so sure.

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DEIDRE SAYS: When anyone neglects their appearance it can be an indicator they neglect other things, such as their health.

Sometimes men who don’t care about their appearance suffer from low self-esteem or are insecure.

You are having serious doubts too because of his past.


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Ask him again about why he went to prison.

Many people turn their lives around but you do need to make an informed decision so should know more about his conviction.

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