James Van Der Beek and Family Have 'Entered the Wear Christmas Pajamas' Phase of Self-Isolating

James Van Der Beek and his family are bringing some holiday cheer to their social distancing amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

On Wednesday night, the Dawson’s Creek alum shared a cuddly photo of his family snuggling up to watch a movie while breaking out their festive Christmas pajamas.

“Have officially entered the Wear-Christmas-Pajamas-And-Project-Movies-On-The-Dining-Room-Wall phase of the #Quarantine,” the father of five wrote on Instagram alongside the sweet snap.

“#StayHome and stream @pixaronward btw… either I’ve gone stir crazy or it’s my new favorite #Pixar movie,” he added of the new children’s movie Onward, before giving a shout-out to the film’s lead voice actors, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. “Or perhaps both. Either way, 👍👍 @[email protected]

Earlier this week, Disney announced they would be releasing the animated film for streaming early, as families like the Van Der Beek’s are stuck inside with their children to wait out the pandemic. Onward first hit theaters on March 6, but will now be available for streaming on Disney+ on Friday, April 3, Newsweek reported

For families who don’t want to wait the extra week, the movie is already available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video for $19.99.

While Van Der Beek has been social distancing with wife Kimberly Brook and their five children — Olivia, 9, Joshua, 7, Annabel, 6, Emilia, 4, and Gwendolyn, 21 months — he told his fans on Instagram that this time is “the perfect excuse to make other connections ❤️.”

The father of five often encourages other parents to focus on the individual connections they make with their children, which he recently said was the best parenting advice he’s ever received.

“Five kids deep… all I can conclude is there’s no one ‘right way’ to raise a tiny human. BUT – the good new is… kids will totally teach you how to raise them. I swear,” the actor shared on Instagram. “It’s not about how you think they ‘should’ be raised, or how that book you read says to raise them, or how your parents raised you, or even how you raised their sibling – ‘cause each kid is different.”

“They come out the box with different strengths, different challenges, different personalities and different needs. But if you listen with an open heart… they’ll totally make it clear what all those needs are. *And then they’ll change them. 😂,” he added. “That’s why I feel like the best #parenting advice I ever got was: Connect with them every chance you get. Because it’s all an opportunity for connection.”

The Varsity Blues star also recently opened up to PEOPLE about how he approaches difficult topics with his children.

“My philosophy has always been to be completely honest,” Van Der Beek, told PEOPLE in January. “Use the right terms, use the correct terminology. There is no shame if you talk about things bluntly. If you don’t make it weird, it’s not weird.”

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