Jamie Oliver shares ‘brilliant’ recipe for essential food item ‘you don’t have to buy’

Every night, Jamie Oliver has appeared on screen to give some of his simple recipe hacks on Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On. With the coronavirus lockdown leaving Britons at home, many have been rummaging their cupboards to make creative meals. Appearing on This Morning, Jamie shared his recipe to make an easy salad dressing that can be used for anything.


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Following the latest advice from the government, many people will be spending time most of their time at home.

Shoppers are only permitted to leave their house for a few reasons, including essential trips to the supermarkets.

With supermarkets enforcing strict shopping rules, some people will be trying to recreate their favourite foods at home.

Appearing on This Morning, Jamie gave some advice to those cooking at home.

The TV chef shared tips on how to make a salad dressing that will liven up any meal.

Jamie told the presenters: “I’m trying to come up with mothership recipes.

“Principle recipes that are really flexible to what you’ve got or haven’t got in your fridge or freezer.

“Dressings is one of the things we did on the show which I know sounds really boring but you don’t have to buy them.”

He explained nearly every dressing can be made by following a simple method.

“You can use the three to one method,” Jamie told viewers.

“Three parts olive oil – or any oil you can get your hands on – to one part acid, so any citrus or any vinegar.

“Add a bit of salt, maybe a bit of mustard and give it a shake up.”


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He explained the simple recipe does not take long and can be used to spruce up any food.

Jamie explained: “It is brilliant, not just in a salad, but you can use it for anything.

“As a marinade you can put it on grilled or roasted fish or meat.

“It also brings real life into any tinned items so if you’ve got tinned beans and think it’s a bit boring you can put a little dressing on it.”

On the Channel 4 programme, Jamie: Keeping Cooking and Carry On, he listed some of the ingredient combinations that make different dressings.

To make lemon dressing, he suggested using six tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil with one lemon.

For balsamic dressing, Jamie recommended mixing six tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil with two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.

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