Jeana Keough Thinks Tamra Judge Will Return To ‘RHOC’: She’s ‘Liquid Gold’ To Bravo

Tamra Judge may have parted ways with ‘RHOC’ just before Bravo kicked off production on Season 15, but series alum Jean Keough doesn’t believe she’s truly ‘done’ with the show.

Don’t count Tamra Judge out just yet. Despite the fact that she revealed she was leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County this past February, Tamra’s former co-star Jeana Keough thinks “she’ll be back” anyway. When HollywoodLife asked Jeana how she felt about Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson‘s surprising exits from the series on May 8, she EXCLUSIVELY told us that she doesn’t believe anything’s set in stone just yet. “Until they start filming [again], [Bravo will] change their minds a million times. For all you know, Tamra will be back. She was always like liquid gold to [Bravo], so I find it hard to believe that [the network is] done with her. I think they’re just playing with her. They want drama. I bet she’ll be back,” Jeana predicted.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that Tamra recently told us — during an EXCLUSIVE interview of her own — that Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen basically told her that she could come back in Season 16. Right now, production on Season 15 has been halted due to the coronavirus, but according to Tamra, Andy recently told her, “You know what? They want to mix things up a little bit. Take some time off, [and] come back the following year.”

So maybe Jeana’s right — perhaps once production continues on Season 15, Tamra will do a guest appearance or two before returning full-time the following year. One could only hope, right?

As for Jeana, who served as a full-time housewife from Season 1-5, potentially making a full-time comeback, she told us, “Bravo talks to me all the time and they do invite me to different things to go and be on it, but it hasn’t worked out [yet]. I, of course, I would go back and do a few things. But I think [the network should move forward] with the new generation.” She continued, “[My life] isn’t as interesting anymore. I mean, I travel, I date, I have fun. I still do my real estate, but you know, without any of [my] kids at home, it’s a little — I have Colton, but it’s a little quieter lifestyle. So I don’t think I’m as interesting and fun. I don’t think anybody would want to watch me now. I’m better off just being a guest!”

Jeana most recently appeared on the show as a guest in Season 12.

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