Josh Taylor shoves Jose Ramirez at weigh-in ahead of world title fight

Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez started the physical confrontation early, as the two clashed after the weigh-in before the fight to become the undisputed world No. 1 at super-lightweight.

Words were exchanged at the face-off itself, with Ramirez particularly irked, before the two came together in a corridor shortly afterwards – Taylor shoving Ramirez before both teams got involved.

The fighters had to be separated – which was somewhat at odds with Taylor tweeting “time to relax” soon after.

Both Taylor and Ramirez posted 139.6lbs at the weigh-in.

The Scot was unequivocal about wanting to make “history” as he looks to win in Las Vegas.

“This fight means the world to me, it speaks for itself,” he said at the pre-fight media call.

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“To be the first person in the four-belt era in Scotland and from the UK, it is a massive piece of history. It puts my name in the history books as one of Scotland’s best ever fighters and it’s a real honour and motivation for me to do this.

“I’m in this game to be the best and fight the best and leave my mark on boxing history.”

Ramirez is undefeated in 26 fights; this one is set to start around 4am (BST) on Sunday with the undercard starting from 1am.

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