Kate Middleton's 'Deeply Personal Victory' Spotlights She's Going to Be a Powerful Queen One Day

These days, much of the drama surrounding the British royal family has been centered on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. When Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex made the unprecedented decision to step away from royal duties in order to live life as private citizens and then relocated to America, the public on both sides of the pond got caught up in the flurry of stories and speculation. As if that’s not enough, there is still the matter of Prince Andrew being associated with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. 

However, there is yet another major story brewing among the royals, and this one has to do with a media scandal that’s been going on for months. Now, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has claimed a major victory in a battle that’s sure to capture even more headlines. 

Kate Middleton was the subject of cruel reporting

It’s no secret that the British media can be particularly harsh. In fact, sensationalist — and sometimes downright racist — reporting about Meghan was one of the main reasons the couple wanted to get out of the public eye. Kate, on the other hand, has often enjoyed being a darling of the press and has received a lot of positive coverage.

One particular article published in June 2020, however, painted the duchess in a terrible light. 

Tatler, a British magazine, ran a cover story about Kate for their July/August issue. In it, they made unfounded and cruel claims about the duchess’s mental and physical health. The journalist penning the article ran the gamut and threw out claims about everything from Kate’s apparent “exhaustion” to her seething resentment against her sister-in-law for leaving her with a heavier burden to bear.

The piece criticized her mothering skills and even claimed that Prince William is inappropriately obsessed with Kate’s mother. 

Kate Middleton decided to fight back 

Most of the time, Katen stuck with the royal tradition of ignoring salacious reporting in order to remain above the fray. This time, however, she couldn’t take it.

The Tatler piece had simply crossed the line, and Kate responded with a lawsuit. In an extremely rare move, the piece even prompted a rebuke straight from Kensington Palace: “This story contains a swathe of inaccuracies and false misrepresentations which were not put to Kensington Palace prior to publication.” 

Some have speculated whether the author, Anna Pasternak, was operating from a position of revenge. Years earlier, Pasternak had written a book about Princess Diana in an attempt to shine light on the troubles in her marriage. She saw the lackluster public response as a dismissal of her hard work, and that resentment may have been the catalyst behind this hit piece on the late Princess Diana’s daughter-in-law.

Regardless, when Tatler was asked about the backlash, they stood by the article and its reporting standards. 

The ‘Tatler’ win bodes well for Kate Middleton’s future

Tatler’s tune has certainly changed. Several of the claims they initially made about Kate have not-so-mysteriously disappeared from the cruel article. Gone are the references to the duchess’s weight and physical health. No more are the allegations that Prince William is obsessed with his wife’s mother. 

BestLife sees these changes as an unequivocal win for Kate. A palace insider told the publication: “This is a deeply personal victory for Catherine. She has endured her share of negative press at the hands of the media, but this was a bridge too far and both Catherine and William were determined to shut it down.”

Furthermore, the way Kate handled the entire scandal demonstrates more than ever her ability to lead with strength and dignity. She handled the rumors with grace, while also taking definitive action to shut it down.

Fans have long thought that Kate will make a great queen, and her ability to choose her battles — and win — gives even more support to those beliefs. 

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