Katey Sagal 'Rebel' TV Series Episode 5 Recap 'Heart Burned'

So many things happened in the Katey Sagal Rebel TV Series Episode 5, “Heart Burned,” so viewers need a quick recap. Annie “Rebel” Flynn Ray Bello continues to fight for Helen Peterson’s (Mary McDonnell) life. She pushes Julian Cruz (Andy Garcia) to negotiate the recall of the faulty heart valve from Stonemore. Meanwhile, her daughter, Cassidy (Lex Scott Davis), and private investigator Lana (Tamala Jones) attempt to help Luke Chapman (Sam Palladio) when his personal life interferes with his career. The Rebel cast gives it their all for this heart-wrenching episode.

‘Rebel’ TV Series Episode 5 Recap: Good Morning Intimacy

When Rebel Episode 5 opens, it seems everyone is having sex. Ziggy (Ariela Barer) walked in on Grady Bello (John Corbett) and Rebel during an intimate moment. While she wanted them to reconcile their marriage, that’s not exactly what she had in mind. Cassidy gets a strange text while she and Amir (Mo McRae) are cuddling after their intimacy.

Luke’s ex-girlfriend sent “hardcore porn” to everyone on his contact list. She wants both money and revenge and continues to threaten to send more videos. Cassidy and Lana attempt to help Luke resolve things with his ex, Talia (Tricia Munford). Luckily, they come up with a solid plan. The women create a video later in the episode that would destroy Talia’s Instagram following.

‘Rebel’ TV Series Episode 5 Recap’ Heart Burned’: Helen is dying

As Helen’s condition worsens, Rebel does everything she can to fight for her. Benji Ray (James Lesure) meets with Cruz to discuss a settlement. However, the two cannot agree on the terms. Cruz insists that Stonemore take the valve off the market, but the CEO of the Medical Corporation, Mark Duncan (Adam Arkin), refuses.

While Rebel is visiting Helen in the hospital, the doctors receive an email not to perform her surgery to remove the faulty heart valve. She owes the hospital $150,000 in past medical bills that must be paid before her surgery, even though the doctor is performing it pro bono.

Cruz goes on a lunch date with Angela

Cruz gets closer to Angela Foyer (Sharon Lawrence), and it makes Rebel nervous. It turned out that her gut is correct because this new woman works for the other side — Benji Ray (James Lesure). A quick recap from the Katey Sagal Rebel TV series episode 4 might help you recall that Benji wanted Angela to get close to Cruz to help their case.

While on the date, Angela encourages Cruz to help inspire his clients to choose the outcome that relaxes him. The settlement would help his firm with its financial problems. Later on, in the Rebel TV series Episode 5, we find out that Angela tapped his phone.

‘Rebel’ TV Series Episode 5 Recap: To settle or not

Cruz informs his clients that Stonemore offered a settlement of $3 million — which would give each person roughly $100,000. However, the corporation won’t recall the heart valve, and all of the clients must sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Maddie (Daniella Garcia) votes to settle, and then her water breaks in the conference room. While at the hospital, she cannot calm down because she is so worried about her mother. Rebel promises Maddie she will do everything in her power to get her mother that surgery.

Ziggy offers her college fund to save Helen. She also tells Rebel that she wants to become a lawyer to get inside the system and change it. Dr. Nelson (Abigail Spencer) removes Helen’s heart valve. Meanwhile, Maddie delivers her baby — which won’t live long because of her faulty Stonemore heart valve.

Dr. Nelson notices deterioration in the heart valve, but when she goes to pick it up to study it, the valve is missing from the hospital. It turns out Angela listened to the phone call between Cruz and Rebel and went to the hospital to steal the heart valve.

We find out more when the Katey Sagal Rebel TV series returns on May 20, 2021, to ABC.

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