Kelly Rowland Is Still Working Out at 9 Months Pregnant

Rather than taking a stroll or eating spicy foods, Kelly Rowland is continuing to work out with her trainer in her last weeks of pregnancy, and we think she’s trying to encourage labor. Both the expecting mom and her trainer, Rebecca Broxerman, have shared video clips to Instagram Stories of Rowland about to burst but still working out hard.

“She is still pregnant, so we are still working out,” reads the caption on one video taken by Broxerman and reposted by Rowland. “Just waiting on little one,” says another, showing the Destiny’s Child alum pushing through a fitness routine with a pronounced baby bump. Remember weeks ago when we were impressed by Rowland’s pregnant dancing skills? That was nothing.

The singer values her exercise routine, and she appears to be keeping fit through the last stretch of her second pregnancy. Giving a whole new meaning to fit mom, Rowland was just seen strutting her stuff in a chic black jumpsuit and thigh-high stilettos on TikTok a week ago.

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We have to remember, Rowland is also under the care of a trained fitness professional that knows exercise can be a natural trigger to induce labor. A structured fitness routine is also said to decrease the risk of a cesarean section, which carries extra dangers for Black women.

We love to see moms flaunting their baby bumps and having fun during all stages of pregnancy. Whether you are super active or resting to prepare for childbirth, we can all be inspired by watching Rowland embrace the natural changes happening to her body during pregnancy.

This is Rowland’s second child with her husband of six years, Tim Weatherspoon. The couple also have a 6-year-old son named Titan Jewell. In an interview with SheKnows, she shared that Titan is very excited to be a big brother and even picked out the baby’s name.

“He is absolutely stoked,” she told us. “He feels like this baby is his baby, which is really sweet. Well, we’ll see how long that last once the baby gets there.”

Childbirth is nothing like in the movies, as these beautiful photos show.

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