Law firm offers £30,000 for a dog walker in job ad

A PAWSOME offer! London law firm posts job ad looking for a ‘professional’ dog walker – on a salary of £30,000 with a pension and free healthcare

  • London-based law firm Joseph Hage Aaronson posted the unique job listing
  • Calls for a ‘pet friendly’ person to apply for the job with a £30,000 salary 
  • As well as the large sum of money, the new employee will enjoy health perks too 

Calling all dog lovers, could this private assistant role for a London law firm, which doubles up as a ‘professional’ dog walker, be the job of your dreams?  

Holborn-based Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP is on the look out for a new member of staff who, instead of being sat at a desk all day as is typically expected from a job in law, will spend part of their day walking a dog and earning around £30,000 for the pleasure. 

The successful applicant will spend their days running errands and walking the pet, which belongs to a senior leadership team member at the firm, which specialises in tax litigation, The Times reports. 

The unusual listing calls for a ‘pet friendly’ person to take on the role of Private Assistant and Dog Walker at the large litigation firm in Holborn, London. Picture: Stock

While the new employee will enjoy a significant £30,000 salary, they will also be able to make the most of the other employment benefits – including dental and health insurance. Pictured: The job listing spotted on Google

As well as earning an impressive £30k salary, the new employee – who must be ‘pet friendly’ – will enjoy other perks such as a company pension, life insurance and private medical and dental insurance. 

While their typical day will be a 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday in central London, the job ad states the individual must be flexible with their hours ‘on occasion’. 

When listing their duties, the main two responsibilities of the successful candidate include: ‘Running errands and general personal support, which will include some caring of the principal’s small dog.’

The listing reads: ‘An excellent opportunity has arisen for a Private Assistant Dog Walker role to support one of our senior leadership team. 

‘We are looking for a down to earth self-starter who relishes variety and is looking for a predominantly non-desk based role as it will require this person to run errands around London. 

‘They must be highly organised and well used to an evolving “to do list” and able to keep ahead of what needs doing.’

Unlike most jobs in a law firm, this job is described as ‘primarily non-desk based’ with the new employee taking the senior member of staff’s dog for a walk. Picture: Stock

Taking to the comments on Legal Cheek, where the comical job listing was first shared after being spotted on Google, some people were keen to know where to sign up. 

One person wrote: ‘That job is right up my street. How do I apply? In fact the job was made for me.’ 

But one dog walker was quick to point out that the salary may not be fairly priced: ‘I earn more than this just simply dog walking and my hours are usually 9/10-4, I control my own working schedule and don’t have to fit in around somebody’s life.

‘This £30000 breaks down to just £115 per day (£12 per hour) so the fact that they want you to dog walk, do other errands and be available to them from 9-6 AND on top of that be flexible to suit them this salary is not enough.’

Others questioned why the dog owner had decided to purchase a pet if they did not have time to walk it themselves. 

One wrote: ‘What’s the point in getting a dog if you are too busy to walk it. Foolishness.’ 

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