Liam Payne Reveals He Still Listens to One Direction — but Only When He's 'Really Drunk'

Liam Payne might not sing One Direction hits in front of thousands of adoring fans these days, but that hasn't stopped him from belting out their songs at home — after a few beers!

"Usually when I'm really drunk is when the One Direction playlist starts to come out," Payne, 26, revealed on BBC Radio 1 Thursday.

"It can go one or two ways," he added. "We can be one of those really happy drunks that wants to listen to 'Act My Age' and all those kinds of songs, but then also I get a little bit thoughtful when I'm drunk sometimes — then we go into 'Once in a Lifetime' and all the slow jams."

"Like there was loads of stuff that I'd just wake up with every morning. So that was always my job to be like Mr. Debbie Downer. Somebody had to do it. I just wish it wasn't me."

Thankfully for Payne — who's recently reunited with 3-year-old son Bear following three months apart during lockdown — he suffers from what he calls "boy band memory loss" and can't remember many details of the band's antics anyway.

"My favorite one is when people who I've had a picture with once, always get offended when I can't remember," he added.

This hasn't stopped him from stepping into the recording studio and continuing his music career and appearing in a recent online concert.

Despite the boy band having split in 2016, he also remains hugely supportive of his former 1D bandmates and the success that the likes of Harry Styles have had with the hit song "Adore You."

"I just think the song is so well written, so uplifting," Payne said. "It's just one of them ones you can really rock to. He's doing great. I mean, this last album, he's really found his sweet spot it seems and it's really nice to watch."

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