Libra horoscope May 2021: What’s in store for Libra in May?

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Libras are in for a treat this May, with their attention turned towards travel, romance, creativity, and growth. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to hear her Libra May 2021 horoscope predictions.

We’re all looking forward to being allowed to travel internationally, but Libra is even more desperate to get away this month.

Bex said: “Ready for a case of wanderlust to start off May, Libra? You’re going to have a taste for the exotic as the month begins, and travel won’t be far from your mind.

“Even if international travel is looking like it’s off the cards this summer then there’s still plenty of opportunities to have an adventure in the UK, so perhaps start to look at places in Great Britain that you can take a trip.

“Whether it’s the beaches of Cornwall or the rugged moors of Yorkshire, experiencing nature and surrounding yourself in fresh scenery is going to satiate that thirst for new vistas.”

Have you already booked a trip away for this month? If so, Bex recommends using it as “an opportunity to really immerse yourself in the local culture and appreciate the diversity of the country.”

Mercury and Venus are moving into your Ninth House of broadening horizons at the start of May, and this is really exciting news.

Bex explained: “You see, Mercury rules shorter travel, as well as communication, technology and logical thinking, and Venus rules our appreciation of beauty and our tastes.

“If you’re single, look out for the attention from someone from another culture or background to you as this is where sparks of attraction could really fly!”

If you aren’t going away for a weekend, that doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your wanderlust.

Bex said: “Indulge your interests in the exotic by exploring any exhibitions, cultural festivals or movies that transport you to another place and time.

“This is also an excellent period to begin studying something new. You’re going to be in a philosophical state of mind, so investigating things that make you tick or allow you to see a bigger picture in life will suit you.

“You could also have an interesting discussion from someone from afar that completely changes your perspective.”

Mercury in scatty Gemini in the Ninth House isn’t without its downsides, though.

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Bex warned: “It can cause you to have bouts of forgetfulness and just a tendency towards being more air-headed, so double check appointments lest you miss some important dates!”

Libras will be rethinking their careers and day-to-day routines when Jupiter moves into Pisces on May 13.

Bex explained: “Jupiter is known as the Great Teacher, and when this huge planet moves its bulk into a new zodiac sign then it brings expansion, wisdom and good fortune.

“In Pisces, this boosts your creativity and adds a dreamy, perhaps even whimsical quality to the House that rules the way you approach your schedule.

“You may see the opportunity for a new role, or get creative about how you can progress in a job you’re already in.”

Jupiter could also make you overindulge, though, so keep an eye on your health throughout the month!

Bex noted: “Treating yourself is important of course, but also remember how good you feel when you balance pleasure and luxury with exercise and a nourishing diet.”

The first Lunar Eclipse of the year takes place on May 26, and it’s going to force you to turn a corner, Libra.

Bex said: “The Eclipse in Sagittarius is going to bring about big changes regarding your close interactions.

“You might move to a new neighbourhood or get new neighbours, begin a project in your local community, or reconnect with an old school friend or sibling.

“Lunar Eclipses are also a time when things get shaken up and endings occur, so you might find yourself shedding some of the people in your life who no longer raise your vibration.

“Just as a tree sheds its leaves in autumn ready for new buds to appear when spring rolls around, so this signals the potential for new friends and acquaintances entering your life over the next six months!”

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