Lidl is selling a make your own Slush Puppie set – and it's only £8

SLUSH PUPPIE fans can now make their own drink at home with a new kit from Lidl.

The popular drink, which normally you can only get in some shops or cinemas, is the perfect treat for the summer.

The kit contains a Slush Puppie branded mug, a straw and the classic blue raspberry flavour.

To make your drink, you put your cup in the freezer until it is completely frozen, then add your syrup.

You then stir it with the spoon for for ten to 20 minutes until it becomes like a Slush Puppie.

It's recommend retail price is £14.99 but Lidl is selling it for £7.99.

That's a saving of £7.

You can't buy it from Lidl's website as the discount supermarket doesn't offer online shopping.

But you can buy it in store – use the store locator tool to find your nearest branch.

Primark was selling the the cup for the same price last year, but when we checked its website we couldn't see it still being sold.

Online home shop The Range also sells the kit, but it's a bit pricer at £9.99.

Another online store, Firebox, is offering both red cherry and blue raspberry flavours on its website.

But it's being sold at the RRP for £14.99.

A normal Slush Puppie maker was previously being sold at B&M for £35, although this one is bigger.

Or if don't mind spending even more, you can get one that looks and works just like they do at the cinema on Amazon for £44.99.

The Slush Puppie set isn't the only way you can keep cool this summer.

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We've rounded up the best products to keep you cool, including gel pillows and mats.

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