Lidl is selling five rump steaks for £10

BARGAIN supermarket Lidl is selling five rump steaks for £10.

It's the cheapest price on offer at any supermarket at the moment.

The British 28-day matured beef rump steaks -which weigh a total of 1kg – will be on shelves from July 9.

You can use Lidl's store finder to locate your nearest supermarket – and check opening times.

The Sun checked prices at all major supermarkets and could not find a better offer on five rump steaks at the same weight at the time of publishing this article.

The Lidl steaks weigh 200g each on average, making them slightly smaller than those usually sold as supermarkets which usually weigh 225g to 250g when sold separately.

It comes after supermarket slashed prices on steaks ahead of Father's Day last month, sparking a price war.

The rump cut is known for its lean meat, making it perfect for a BBQ or summer stir fry, Aldi said.

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