Lil Keed Runs the "Slime Auto Sales Lot" in "Tighten Up" Music Video

After releasing his new “Trapped On Cleveland 3” project at the top of August, Lil Keed has returned with a video for “Tighten Up,” one of the tape’s standout cuts. The video shows Keed running a “Slime Auto Sales” lot, but he’s no standard car salesman: through the course of the four minute long clip, Keed both turns up with his friends at the car lot and cuts cash-only deals with various buyers at his desk.

With his hair twisted into a duo of blonde dyed braids, Keed warbles about everything from his friendship with Yung Mal to his accumulated wealth and his time in the streets over a John Lam, Ferno and Bloublood produced beat. Standout bars include “Brick status, shawty, I stay with a b***h, stick active, yeah, who tryna get hit? Stick, baby whackin’ everythin’, b***h. YSL lifestyle, I can’t switch, ooh” and “Wide body, wide body swerves in the trenches, so many h*** havin’ me in they mentions, nah, I’m no cap, get you slimed like Grinch, .223 sit ‘em down like a bench.”

See the full video above, and for more music news check out India Shawn and Anderson .Paak’s breezy new “Movin’ On” single, accompanied by a .Paak-directed video.
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