Lip-reader reveals Harry, William conversation at funeral

A lip-reader has reportedly revealed exactly what was said between Princes Harry and William at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral over the weekend.

Speculation over the pair’s frazzled relationship has swirled throughout the media following Harry’s bombshell Oprah interview with wife Meghan.

When the two men appeared together at their grandfather’s funeral, it was the first time the brothers had been seen together in public since last year’s Commonwealth Day service, an outing that was all miserable, thundercloud looks and icy avoidance of eye contact.

According to UK reports, royal aides were “on eggshells” this week with regards to the brothers’ reunion and planning for the funeral.

With masks on for a portion of the procession, it was hard to know who was saying what as cameras trained in on the Royal family, however once the pair removed their masks, a crafty language expert was able to decipher a short conversation.

“Yes, it was great, wasn’t it?” William reportedly said as the congregation walked from the service. “Absolutely beautiful service, ah, the music.”

Harry replied: “It was as he wanted”.

A source close to the family revealed Harry had experienced a “great deal of frostiness” from many of his relatives in the lead-up to the not-so-jolly reunion.

Prince William reportedly requested that Peter Phillips stand between him and his brother Harry on the way into Prince Philip’s funeral.

The source claimed the brothers were separated by Peter, the son of Princess Anne, as they walked into the service. However, the funeral saw Peter hang back slightly to allow the brothers to walk ahead at the same pace.

“Ironically the only one who has expressed any sympathy towards him is Prince Andrew,” the source told The Mail on Sunday.

Royal commentator Eve Pollard said the brief meetup between the brothers – albeit under grim circumstances – could be a good sign for relations repairing inside the fractured family.

“They were talking, she said. They were possibly overcome by emotion. They were talking – and that’s got to be a very good sign. Let’s hope that they sort their recent troubles out because the Queen needs them both.”

Royal author Sally Bedell Smith said the brothers share an unbreakable bond after going through the death of Princess Diana and the circus that followed.

“William was 15 and Harry 12 when they walked behind their mother Princess Diana’s casket, and their grandfather’s funeral will have evoked deep memories of that,” she said.

“Right up to the night before Diana’s funeral, it was still undecided whether William and Harry should walk in the procession.

“It was Philip who said to them, ‘If you don’t walk, you’ll regret it for the rest of your lives’. And then he told them, ‘If you walk, I’ll walk with you’.”

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