Little Mix admit they ‘trash’ hotel rooms with fruit in moments of anger

Little Mix have admitted to "trashing" hotel rooms by lunging fruit at walls in bid to cure their anger.

Singers Jade Thirlwall, 27, Perrie Edwards, 27, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 29, compared the satisfaction of throwing plums to "therapy".

Their admission landed on The Jonathan Ross Show during a hilarious game of Never Have I Ever, alongside fitness guru Joe Wicks, 34, and comedian Michael McIntyre, 44.

When Jonathan prompted if anyone had ever "trashed a hotel room", most paddles were turned to show "never", all accept Leigh-Anne, who laughed before showing the words "I have".

Intrigued about the singer's answer, the chat show host urged her to spill more information about the antics.

A giggling Leigh-Anne looked at the other two girls for guidance before diplomatically, adding: "Have never trashed a hotel room.

"Not trashed but we got excited."

Cottoning on to what Leigh-Ann was referring to, Perri let out an almighty laugh before she explained: "We call it therapy."

"When we're upset or angry we throw fruit at the wall.

"It's really immature but we do clean it up after and it's the most amazing thing when you're angry, you get that plum and POW"

It was evident that the girls were missing fellow Little Mixer Jesy Nelson, who recently announced that she would be leaving the band temporally, for reasons that are still unknown.

Wanting to honour Jesy and wish her well, Jonathan recently touched on the subject before professionally moving along without "prying" too much into personal details.

He said: "It's coming up to your tenth anniversary, and before we talk about that I just want to explain because there are three members of Little Mix here and not four.

"And you put out a press release this week to say that Jesy is taking some time off for personal reasons.

"Obviously I hope you know this, and I hope she knows this, but everyone is wishing her well and everyone is hoping that she gets through this."

He went on: "I am not going to pry, I know it's quite personal, but everyone is thinking, I hope she is fine."

Without uttering a word on the matter, the girls simply applauded along with the audience, before the interview moved forward.

The Jonathan Ross Show continues on ITV next Saturday night

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