Living with the legacy of climate disaster: the women building a brighter future

She Is The Answer – what your donation could buy

  • £3.60 could plant 20 trees to reforest land, enriching soil and preventing dangerous flooding. 
  • £7 a month over a year could provide a solar-powered water pump, giving a family water for farming. 
  • £10 a month over a year could provide seeds, tools and training to grow drought-resistant crops. 
  • £11 could help protect one person in a village by paying towards the cost of building a flood defence system. 
  • £15 could pay the travel costs of a Woman Champion, enabling her to represent her community in local government meetings on climate change.  
  • £23 could plant 100 mangrove trees in a coastal area, protecting communities from future floods and soil erosion as well as supporting fishing livelihoods. 
  • £30 is the cost of a solar-powered lamp which can provide night-time illumination following storm related power cuts, giving light in emergencies. 
  • £98 could cover the cost of enabling a Woman Champion to travel to the capital city to meet and influence policymakers on vital climate issues related to the needs of women and girls. 
  • £100 could cover the cost of an Alternative Livelihoods training programme, allowing one person to receive training in the ‘green skills’ needed to earn a living through sustainable farming, fishing and chicken rearing practices. 

ActionAid: She Is The Answer

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