Liz Markus' T-Rexes To Invade Unit London's New Concept Art Gallery

This month, Unit London is launching its brand-new concept art gallery called Unit X in London’s hidden Seven Dials. The experience-led space will be home to exhibitions, collaborations and immersive events. “In line with Seven Dials’ new timed road closures and art-based installations throughout the seven streets, Unit X adds yet another compelling offering for visitors as they return safely to our streets,” says Samantha Bain-Mollison, Retail Director at Shaftesbury.

Los Angeles-based artist Liz Markus will kick off the gallery’s opening with her first-ever solo exhibition in the U.K. Her bold and colorful canvases, titled Super Disco Disco Breakin, as well as her coveted T-Rex series of paintings will take over the new space. Markus’ works, which are usually painted on unprimed canvases, are informed by a fascination with socialites, punk, new wave culture and the subconscious.

Take a closer look at works featured in Liz Markus’ forthcoming exhibition and expect Unit X to open on September 22.

Elsewhere in art, James Jarvis is presenting both 2D and sculptural works at NANZUKA 2G as part of a solo exhibition called “Transcendental Idealism.”

Unit X
40 Earlham St
West End, London WC2H 9LH
United Kingdom
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