Lockdown spike in UFO sightings could show public the truth, investigator says

The coronavirus pandemic has coincided with a 30-year spike in UFO sightings, and an investigator says it could help convince people we're not alone in the universe.

Mysterious lights and objects in the night sky have been reported in record numbers since the beginning of lockdowns in March as we've had more time for star gazing than ever.

Gary Heseltine, 60, says the unique combination of spending longer outdoors along with severely reduced air traffic means sightings of strange night time phenomena have been climbing.

"This could be a hugely significant moment in the history of UFOs," he told the Sun.

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The UK Government hasn't kept an official record of reports since 2009, when the Ministry of Defence closed its extraterrestrial sighting desk after 50 years.

However retired police officer Gary has carefully maintained his own database which numbers 550 reports of sightings involving cops dating back to 1901.

Some cases are even supported by video footage, he says.

He believes the Government has been concealing the truth about UFOs from the public and that 2020's high number of sightings could change everything.

"It's high time they changed and we had an open attitude to explore the best evidence in the public," he said.

The MoD maintains no military threat has ever been suggested by a UFO report in the UK.

The last major spike in sightings came in 1989 with a raft of people reporting seeing unexplained "flying triangles" rumoured at the time to be top secret stealth bomber test flights.

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  • This year's cluster of UFO reports has been partly attributed to Tesla's Elon Musk, whose multi-billion Starlink satellite project broadband internet system has been creating train-like beams of light across the night sky – flummoxing the casual observer.

    Belgians have reported a particularly high number of sightings, with 188 recorded in the first three months of the year.

    Most observed streaks of moving lights flying from west to east in the night sky.

    Frederick Delaere, from the Belgian UFO Reporting Centre, confirmed the country's lockdown was the likely cause.

    "We suspect that the clear weather of the past few days and the Covid-19 measures have caused this strong increase," he said at the time.

    There has also been a steady stream of reports coming in from around the world including in the USA.

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