Logan Paul mocks Ben Askren and says anyone who thinks ex-UFC star will beat his brother Jake are 'f***ing morons'

LOGAN PAUL mocked Ben Askren and said anyone who thinks the retired UFC welterweight will beat his brother Jake are 'f***ing morons'.

Jake faces the former Olympic wrestler tonight in Atlanta with opinions divided on how the clash of styles and experience will unfold.

But big brother Logan, 26, already has his mind made up, and referenced Askren's physique on the scales.

He said: "I get it, guys I like Ben Askren. We like him, he's a good guy, he's funny, he's entertaining, great personality.

"But if you think for one f***ing second, that this guy is going to beat my brother tomorrow, you're a f***ing moron.

"Straight up. Like y'all thought and afterwards everyone's going to be like, 'Oh, we should have seen it coming'.

"No s***. You're crazy."

Both scaled 191lb (13st 6lb) but Paul, 24, looked significantly leaner than Askren, 36, who retired from the UFC in 2019.

The YouTuber took a swipe at his opponent's body, and revealed he will dedicate the fight to his bodyguard Shamir Bolivar, who sadly passed away this month.

Paul said: "I see a guy who's underestimating me, I see a guy who is taking this as a joke and I see a guy who said, 'I have to take a s***' during the face-off.

"This is the last 24 hours we will all have to hear Ben Askren. This one means a lot for me, this one is for Shadow.

"I don't believe he makes it out of two rounds; look at the guy, he has a beer belly so he clearly didn't take training camp seriously.

"We all did the talking and the entertainment s*** but now it's time to let the fists fly."

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