Love Island Anton accused of lying as he loses 12lbs in seven-day transformation

Love Island hunk Anton Danyluk has hit out after being accused of lying about his seven-day body transformation.

The reality TV star and fitness fanatic took to Instagram on Monday evening to show off his major body transformation.

Logging into his official page, Anton uploaded before and after shirtless images.

In the first snap the muscled Scotsman sported a less ripped stomach than his "after" shot – though still sported a beefed up physique.

Anton captioned the shot: "I lost 12.3lbs in 7 days.

"The picture on the left is last Monday after a week on holiday and the other this morning.

"I’m not pushing my stomach out in the first one I was genuinely just bloated.

"I would never usually post a picture of me like this (even in the second photo) as I can/have looked a lot better than both of these photos, however, I want to be real with you and take you through week by week on my journey back to my best, giving you tips and techniques to help you in anyway."

Going into detail about how he pulled off the feat, Anton added: "Here is last week's key points:

"1) First two days I fasted for 48 hours (video on Wednesday explaining) – weight before fast 15:05:1 – weight after fast: 14:8:4.

"2) Commenced my 3000 calories per day eating plan on Wednesday (last post explains why).

"3) After two days eating I weighed myself to find out my true weight once my glycogen stores refilled, I gained 2.3lbs (14:10:7) which I expected if not more.

"4) Continued on 3000 calories per day for the last three days and today’s weight is 14:6:9.

"5) Training 6 x weight sessions/ 3x20mins LISS cardio.[sic]"

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Keen to stress the importance of making sure you don't race into any diet overhaul, he added: "Now I never recommend losing more than 1-2% of your bodyweight in lbs per week (first week is always high due to water weight) so I will keep my calories at 3000 per day all of next week and we’ll take it from there."

Due to his impressive results, many followers were quick to accuse Anton of fudging the snaps.

Hitting back via his Instagram story, Anton said: "For those accusing me of lying I have no reason to lie, I'm giving advice. I don't sell plans so why would I lie? Doesn't make sense.

"Never under-estimate water weight."

However, not everyone was unimpressed.

One supporter gushed: "Well done, shows what hard work, motivation and knowledge can do."

Another added: "Beast mode mate, keep doing you.

"It's great to watch and your info in your videos and posts is spot on."

A third praised: "Look forward to seeing the video on Wednesday. Great results so far. Thanks for sharing."

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