Love Island fans are baffled over what Jakes water engineer job title means

Love Island 2021's Jake Cornish had the honour of being the first boy to enter, and as well as his super-keen run into the villa, fan also noticed something odd about his job description.

As the seventh season kicked off last night, fans went on Twitter to ask what on earth Jake’s job actually is.

The 24-year-old, from Weston-Super-Mare, describes himself as a “water engineer” for his day job.

Voiceover man Iain Stirling made several jokes at Jake’s expense, saying it was just a fancy way of saying he’s a plumber.

Hundreds of fans sent tweets including the phrase, so Iain wasn’t the only one confused by Jake’s choice of career.

“Water engineer’ my bruddah you’re a plumber” said one.

“No way my mans said he’s a water engineer instead of a plumber. This man needs to rewrite my CV,” joked another.

One person was honest: “I don’t know if I’m just dumb, but when Jake said he’s a water engineer is that any different to a plumber or??”

So was this Twitter user: “OK maybe I’m being an idiot, but what is a water engineer? Like, how do you engineer water?”

“Water engineer? Water is natural, why does it need an engineer?” insisted another confused person.

However one woman insists there’s a difference: “People out here are really thinking that a water engineer is the same as a plumber” with the face palm emoji.

So, is he just a fancy plumber?

Apparently not. A water engineer is responsible for the supply, maintenance and management of clean water and sewerage services, and also preventing flood damage.

If we're honest, it still sounds a bit like a plumber. Move over Mario and Luigi.

In an interview before he went to the island, he said “I’m basically a handyman, jack of all trades – just not electrics! I don’t go near electric.”

They'd better keep Jake away from all of those fancy new neon lights decorating the villa, then.

Jake was the first to couple up with Liberty Poole, after the stunning blonde stepped forward for him.

He nearly lost her when she later stepped forward for Brad, but joked that he didn't mind as he "got her back".

Things seem to be going swimmingly for the couple so far, with Liberty saying "he's a bit of me."

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