Love Islands Will had horror bloodbath after brutal dog attack on family farm

Love Island favourite and TikTok sensation Farmer Will Young is getting ready to release a book all about his work.

While he talks about his great experiences on the farm and also shares tips he's learned during his time in the trade, Will confessed there have been some tough challenges too. In the midst of all the positives he faces in farm life, he recalled the toughest day he's had on there too.

Speaking to Daily Star ahead of the launch of his new book, Will recalled an awful experience during lambing season and said he had been working 24/7 with his dad for two weeks straight. To give a little insight into the tough days, he explained that he and his dad would take two-hour naps in turn and work through the night.

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But once they had finally got everything all set and ready, the family farm was hit with a horrific dog attack. He said: "We had worked so hard, started to relax, sent them out into the field the next day, and we had a horrendous dog attack."

He added: "There were around 100 lambs killed, so many injured. There were dead bodies everywhere. It was really depressing, like soul destroying. Not only do you put in all of this work but you care for them. Then a dog came in and did this? It was heartbreaking."

Will explained the sheep in the field were "absolutely terrified" and running away. Some of the lambs were found in the woods around 15 minutes away, abandoned. He said the experience was "horrendous" and cost them around £30,000, but they were able to claim most of it back through insurance.

He said the scene was "like a horror movie" with "blood splattered around the land". Will explained a lot of sheep then got ill afterwards and said there was a huge effect for months afterwards. Will added that it was his, his dad's and his grandad's worst experience on the farm across all their lives.

The experience took a toll on their mental health, with Will adding that's something he wants to make people aware of with the release of his book. He said: "You get a bit low in the period of lambing because it takes up a lot of energy. You're like a machine doing all of this work, and then when you have time to catch a breath, this happens."

He admitted that a lot of the farmers in the industry can struggle with their mental health due to the gruelling nature of their job, and he wants there to be more awareness around it. Will took up lambing season when he returned home from the Love Island villa this year, meaning his relationship with Jessie was on pause until it was over.

Will and Jessie came out of the Love Island villa together, but he said that while she moved into his family farm, he was working long hours and unable to spend time with her until the season finished. However in that time, Jessie was able to get to know his family and spend time on the farm.

Now the pair are setting their sights on a TV future while looking to build their own home on the land eventually. A TV series following the two of them is yet to be confirmed, but Will said the pair are "manifesting" the gig.

For The Love of Farming can be pre-ordered on Amazon here.

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