Lucy Hale Went To A Sex Convention To Research ‘A Nice Girl Like You’

In an attempt to research her new movie, A Nice Girl Like You, Lucy Hale revealed she went to a sex convention. In the movie, per IMDB, Hale’s character is a violinist who creates "a rather wild to-do list that sends her on a whirlwind journey of self-discovery" after being told by her ex that she’s "too inhibited." So, yeah, it involved a little research in the s-e-x department. "It was such a fun movie to make because… we went to a sex convention," she revealed, adding that "it was wild… Stuff I’d never seen before."

As for why Hale decided to take on the racy role, it sounds like it was meant to be. "I, like, read the whole script and was so embarrassed and blushing the whole time because there are so many things that happen because… I play a girl called Lucy Neal, which is crazy. It was written as that. Lucy Neal, Lucy Hale. I was like, ‘this is meant to be!’ The whole time I was reading it, I was just laughing my butt off and it made me feel uncomfortable. Like, really uncomfortable. So I knew that I had to do it just to break me out of my shell."

While the script did made her feel uncomfortable, Hale did note that she’s not "as inhibited" as her character. In fact, she was down to try some of the new moves she learned filming the movie. "There were some things in the movie that I had never A) Heard of, or done," she revealed. "So, it broadened my horizons."

Now, while she wouldn’t dish on exactly what the moves are, I’m going to go ahead and assume some of those new moves she’s interested in might involve a trip to the sex toy shop. If so, Hale’s fingers are crossed tight that she won’t be running into her mom. "She is like a sweet, souther, Christian lady and she would be mortified because you know she’d find me just holding stuff and she’d be like, ‘Lucy!’ She already thinks I’m crazy."

I mean, to be fair. No matter how cool your parents are, I don’t think anyone’s really dying to run into them while perusing dildos and flavored lubes.

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