Luxury Picnic Company Reinventing Outdoor Dining

There’s a new way to picnic for the elite living, and it’s pretty luxurious. A new business dubbed Ready, Set, Picnic is based out of Bryan College Station in Texas and has reinvented outdoor dining during the pandemic.

Created by three friends amid the pandemic in order to gain a safe experience beyond the walls of their homes, Ready, Set, Picnic is a fun way to get outdoors and dine in style. This is a totally hands-off experience as all you need to do is show up for your luxury picnic. The picnic includes set-up and clean-up, water-resistant tarp and sheets, blankets and pillows, candle sets, plates, silverware, and placemats. Each picnic also lasts 2 hours so there is plenty of time to dine and converse with the option to choose additional add-ons to the packages like food, games, dog accessories, and more.

“We did want to incorporate these COVID friendly dates, ideas, and things like that as well as bringing a new experience,” said Grace Ryu of Ready, Set, Picnic.

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When it comes to food options for Ready, Set, Picnic, don’t expect to get sandwiches and chips. There are three different options to choose from, which include charcuterie, fondue, and a three-tiered dessert– a display filled with homemade desserts, as reported by KBTX. There are several locations where you can experience your luxury picnic, with locations in Wolf Pen Creek Park, Central Park, Gabbard Park, Bee Creek Park, and other locations. There is also a “surprise me” option where the location is picked for you and even better, they can come to you and set up a picnic right in your backyard or living room.

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The price for a picnic in style is relatively a bit more than the average outdoor excursion with the standard package (You and Me) starting at $60. If you want to go all out, the deluxe package (Dream Date) goes for $150. There are add ons to make the picnic more special, with several features like dog accessories, Bluetooth speaker, photo board, activity blanket, and many others.

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Ready, Set, Picnic is taking the necessary precautions for COVID-19. The business recommends their customers to practice CDC COVID guidelines; the employees make sure that all equipment they use is fully sanitized and cleaned properly. Ready, Set, Picnic posts more information about picnic options and pricing on their Facebook and Instagram pages. It’s also easy to book a luxury picnic with them through their reservation form.

This luxury outdoor picnic company has reinvited outdoor dining and we can’t wait to see how it grows!

Sources: KBTX, Instagram- @readysetpicnic

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