Madisyn Shipman Learns She Can Be Strong ‘With Or Without A Relationship’ In Debut Single, ‘Flying Solo’

MADISYN unleashes her powerful voice on her debut single, a song she tells HL is all about learning how she doesn’t ‘need a boyfriend in my life to feel worthy.’

A valuable life lesson lies in the heart of MADISYN (aka Madisyn Shipman’s) “Flying Solo”: you can reach the heights of happiness when you don’t have the dead weight of a bad relationship holding you down. In the debut single from the singer/actress/dancer, MADISYN addresses an ex, seemingly after some time has passed since their breakup. While the unnamed boy seems interested in rekindling the romance, she is too busy looking forward to her new date. “Yeah, I said it / I can do way better / boy, moving on is not about you / young and independent / I highly recommend it / boy, I don’t think we need a round two.”

Against a soaring pop production fit for a song called “Flying Solo,” MADISYN delivers a pop anthem for those who “level up” after finding themselves down in the dumps. “The song ‘Flying Solo’ is about coming out of a difficult relationship,” MADISYN shares with HollywoodLife. “The truth is that I had my heart broken last year. I started journaling my feelings, one of my ways of therapy.   While journaling my sadness, I realized that I would be fine and that I needed to step up and move forward.  Out of my pain, I realized that I didn’t need a boyfriend in my life to feel worthy, and that it was time for me to be comfortable with myself.”

“To accept myself as I am, and that I can be a strong woman, with or without a relationship,” she adds. “Writing this song – ‘Flying Solo’ was the best form of therapy for me. I really hope this song inspires others in the world to not depend on external things to make you happy. Happiness is a choice, and we all get to decide to be happy or not.”

MADISYN has also chosen to take this new path in her career. The North Carolina native pursued her love of acting by moving to New York City at age seven, landing a role in a Broadway production (“Enron”) before landing parts on The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live. After relocating to Los Angeles, MADISYN landed her breakout role on Nickelodeon’s The Game Shakers. After filling out her IMDB page with roles in The Peanuts Movie, Red Ruby, Henry Danger, and more, MADISYN has turned her passion towards music. With “Flying Solo,” she takes flight in a new chapter, and there’s no telling what heights she’ll reach next.

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