Malin Andersson wows fans as she shows off killer curves in swimwear snap

Love Island star Malin Andersson has dazzled fans online with her latest social media snap after ending her short-lived romance with Michael Sadler.

Taking to Instagram last night, the TV bombshell released a sizzling new photo to her 712,000 followers of herself rocking a scorching-hot swimsuit that has really got fans swooning.

In the blazing-hot swimsuit snap, Malin can be seen striking a pose in a lush indoor hot tub, sporting a skimpy light blue swimsuit which seriously emphasises her gorgeous physique.

The 28-year-old beauty can be found rocking the bathing suit as she confidently stares off into the background like she means business, with glowing skin and her tattoed-arms holding the railings of the luxury hot tub.

As well as sending hearts racing, Andersson penned a heartfelt message to followers, captioning the photo: "Some people call it being strong.. I guess it’s a form of never giving up."

"Resilience takes time.. and god don’t I know it. I would be lying to you all if I told you I was always happy.. and that nothing could affect me, because it does."

Opening up candidly, she continues: "From a young age we are told to be tough, and to take zero sh*t. We are told to hide our emotions incase people walk all over us.. but let me tell you something. Being able to feel is the most important part of your souls growth and journey."

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Staying positive, Malin adds: "I’ve finally realised that the past few years of my life have been my cocoon.. and that everything that has happened has just been growing my wings… setting me up so I can continue flying higher.. .and higher."

Her love-struck social media fans flocked to fill the comment section with compliments in a photo that now has over 10 thousand likes.

Many were quick to compliment her physical beauty, but also her inspirational message behind the picture.

One user commented: "You are such a beautiful woman".

A second user showing their support said: "Beautiful woman inside and out!".

Another user praised Malin's honesty, saying: "A lot of this resonates with me when I was a lot younger. The difference is you are talking about it and that's so important and empowering for others. Thank you for your honesty".

And a third follower commented: "Gorgeous, you inspire me so much!".

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