Man creates world’s craziest Christmas music video with box of snakes and dwarf

A musician has launched a bizarre Christmas video that features influencers with huge breasts, a box full of snakes, dwarf and even a flame-thrower.

Australian artist THMPSN was on a mission to cheer viewers up and created the what it may be the craziest Christmas music video.

He collaborated with other influencers to deliver the wacky video for their tune "What You Want".

Music video shared to his army of 1 million fans on Instagram shows the group dressing up in Christmas jumpers enjoying the strange take on the festive celebration.

They can be seen opening a box full of snakes while Sassee Cassee, a 2ft10 poledancer who calls herself "the world's smallest dancer" writhes around on a pole in an elf-themed lingerie set.

In one particularly dramatic moment, THMPSN helps aim a flamethrower into a fireplace, while a group of people dressed in festive clothes cheer him on.

Elsewhere in the video promo, influencer Allegra Cole, known for her extremely large breasts, can be seen playing the piano while her companion Jazmyne Day sucks on a candy cane.

"Absolute banger and absolute fire video," commented one fan on Instagram.

Another said he is "gonna be bumping this all Christmas", while a third person said: "This was a good song bro. Glad to see people staying positive during the pandemic. Keep up the hard work."

Not everyone was so thrilled, however, with one Instagram user adding: "Who the f*** would enjoy this?"

Another agreed, commenting: "There’s such a thing as too much."

THMPSN is a classically trained violinist from Western Australia.

He has collaborated with stars including Sean Kingston and Lil Pump.

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