Man horrified after discovering contents of ‘secret’ box buried in his garden

A man almost threw up after finding what was inside a mystery concrete box buried in his garden.

Tony Huisman was digging up the grass in his garden when his shovel hit a hard surface in the soil.

In the video posted on TikTok yesterday, he says he found a handle after spending some time digging.

As he carries on, he unearths another handle on top of the rectangular-shaped box.

Tony adds: "I kept going until I got it cleaned to the point where I could start to lift it up.

"But when I tried, it was a little heavy. So I use a pry bay and you will never believe what I found."

He moves the lid slightly away from him so that he could see what's inside but he ends up running and covering his nose.

Tony explains it was a septic tank – an underground chamber that his home's domestic waste has been flowing through for years.

The clip has been seen thousands of times after being posted with the caption: "Found a secret box in the garden."

He then posted a video explaining more about his discovery.

He says: "I actually get the septic tank pumped so I just made a video out of it.

"Yesterday everything in the house just stopped draining, everything got completely blocked – the toilet, the shower, the sink – so we called the plumber and he'd gone here to look around."

Tony was shocked when the plumber asked him when was the last time they had the septic tank pumped.

"We didn't know we were on a septic system," he adds.

He said he has been living in the house for six years and the previous landlord was staying there for two years.

"The family before us has a garden bed on top of a septic tank so who knows how long since it has been cleaned? 8+ years?" Tony continues.

"So yeah I knew there was a septic tank and I was digging it in purpose. And the content inside, oh yeah, it was like a consistent layer of jello but not the jelly you want to eat."

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