Man shows Dr Pimiple Popper huge growths on nose nearly the size of his head

Dr Pimple Popper was horrified after a patient left lumps growing on his nose for so long they were nearly as big as his head.

The celebrity dermatologist, whose real name Dr Sandra Lee, believed the man's condition is the "most severe" she has ever seen while filming for her show on TLC channel.

Sharing the sneak peek of the episode on her TikTok account, the expert meets Roger, who has two huge abnormal growths on his nose.

The skin disorder, known as rhinophyma, has affected Roger's life so much that he can barely breathe through the nose.

He said: "I used to look normal, now this big old growth on my nose.

"The rest of my life I would not want to live like this because I wouldn't want to live."

During the examination, Dr Lee asks Roger to lift up the lumps so she could take a closer look.

She gently touches it and says: "Now I'm trying to see how that…you've got some maceration here. Okay this one here it's attached…That's what makes it complicated."

When Roger holds up the sac-like growth, Dr Lee finds some raised-up lumps around his upper lip.

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"Is that just abrasion that is rubbing the area?" she asks, in which Roger says: "Probably, I have to scratch that area a lot."

The dermatologist wrote in the caption: "This has got to be the world record. The most dramatic case of rhinophyma ever!

"The heaviness of these tumours have stretched and distorted his nostrils."

Rhinophyma is a progressive skin condition that affects the nose. The condition is mainly seen in those who have rosacea – a rash that can affect the cheeks, forehead and nose.

Dr Pimple Popper fans were shocked by Roger's conditions and many praised Dr Lee for helping him out.

A viewer wrote: "This poor guy I cannot imagine living without all these years. It must just destroy your sense of who you are."

"Dr Lee you're an angel, I know you changed his life," a second thanked for Dr Lee's help and another penned: "Saw the whole thing, let me tell you guys it's an amazing transformation she performs. Man even looks younger."

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