Man threatens to dump girlfriend if she doesn’t stop using tampons like he asked

A man has caused quite a stir on social media after revealing he "banned' his girlfriend from using tampons.

Posting on Reddit, the bloke said he feared his "forgetful" partner wouldn't change them regularly enough.

Tampons that are left in the vagina too long are linked to toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a rare and potentially life-threatening problem.

He wrote on the open forum: "I have no issue with women using tampons. I have an issue with HER using tampons."

The man said he was even prepared to dump his girlfriend if she continued to use the sanitary products during her time of the month.

But since he shared his dilemma on social media, many blasted him for meddling with his partner's personal hygiene.

He added: "She doesn't change them regularly enough in my opinion. I think it's a forgetfulness thing?

"She doesn't take risks seriously. This stresses me out because I'm worried she will get sick.

"However I have never made demands before recently."

The man said his concerns increased following a "traumatic" trip to the GP during his girlfriend's last period.

He told how the incident, which he didn't explain any further, prompted him to demand she stopped using tampons.

But his girlfriend didn't share the same views as him.

He explained: "She's furious with me. Says I'm being controlling.

"Says a man should not be demanding to women what sanitary products to use.

"I'm at a point where this is a hill I'm willing to die on and it may be a deal breaker if she doesn't agree to this."

Since it was posted on Reddit, many women took the girlfriend's side.

One wrote: "You do not need to micromanage her period.

"Write that down and every time you get the urge to forbid her from tampons, read it and then sit back down."

Another added: "How do you feel if she asked you to stop using toilet paper because she thought you 'used it wrong'."

Meanwhile, others defended the man citing the health risks, with one adding: "You can get TSS from leaving tampons in for too long.

"You're right to be worried – she's putting herself at risk."

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