May 13, 2021 Will Be The Best Day This Month For Virgo In Terms Of Relationships

Your adaptable, productive nature tends to thrive in the springtime, as the earth begins to come alive again and new beginnings are embarked on. Taurus season has coaxed you to broaden your horizons and expand on your personal beliefs systems, offering newfound inspiration and renewed enthusiasm of what’s to come. There’s one day in May when this energy will shift to your romantic partnerships. Your relationships have gone through some murky waters recently, but this month, there will be some positive growth in this area of your chart. As Taurus season continues, May 13, 2021 will be the best day of the month for Virgos, ushering in some abundance in your romantic endeavors.

Since Taurus is also an earth sign, this grounded, practical energy is complementing your instinctive behaviors, providing the security and practicality that you live for. Neptune has been moving through your seventh house of relationships for quite some time now, causing fogginess within these dynamics, but on May 13, things will be changing for the better. You’ve been focused on prioritizing your daily responsibilities and work recently, and you’re now in a place where you can fully show up and be present in your romantic endeavors. With all the growth you’ve been encountering, you’re now in a place to share your life with a special someone. May 13 is all about opening yourself up to love and allowing growth to take place.

Why May 13, 2021 Will Be Significant For Virgo

On May 13, Jupiter will be moving into its sign of rulership Pisces. Since Pisces governs over your seventh house of relationships, you’ll notice some optimistic growth and expansion in this area during this time. Back in February, Pisces season set the tone for this new energy (specifically on March 13, during the Pisces new moon). Since new moons signify new beginnings, it laid the groundwork for Jupiter’s expansive abilities.

During this time, prioritizing connecting with others is key. New relationships that begin during this time are likely to be meaningful and growth-oriented for you and the other person. Since Jupiter is also the planet of knowledge and wisdom, expect to learn a lot from the people around you. Since the sun will still be illuminating your ninth house of travel during this time, booking a (safe) trip with your special someone will also be beneficial. You’ve done a lot of growing on your own, but now it’s time to share those experiences with your loved ones. Jupiter will station retrograde in Pisces on June 21, so around this time, expect to things to slow down a bit. Until then, though, Jupiter’s transit through Pisces will bring incredible growth to your relationships, ushering optimism and warmth into your life.

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