McDonald's fan reveals clever hack to get half price food

McDonald’s fan reveals clever hack to get half price food every time you visit

  • Caroline from Norwich revealed how to get a meal and more for next to nothing
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A McDonald’s meal for less than half the price every time you visit the fast food chain sounds to good to be true. 

But one fast food enthusiast has found a clever hack that slashes the price of your meal in half.

Caroline – a passionate thriftier from Norwich – showcased the nifty trick in a video which has amassed more than half a million views. 

According to the content creator, it’s easy to make those pound coins stretch a little further, as long as you follow her simple steps, which start with purchasing a small Diet Coke – or other fizzy drink of your choice – for £1.19.

Caroline (pictured), an impassioned thrifter from Norwich, left users shocked by her McDonald’s hack, which will have you paying half of the price

Caroline also added that you don’t necessarily have to opt for a small drink either. You can go for a medium however it will cost 50p extra. 

After purchasing a small drink of your choice, you will then be given a receipt with details for a website for a McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey and a code to input.

Once you go to the website on the McDonald’s receipt you must insert the code, according to the TikToker.

She told her following of around 29,800: ‘You are then asked to fill out some questions but you don’t have to do that.’

‘Just say you don’t want to and then you will be sent a voucher or a code.’

This voucher will then allow you to purchase Big Mac and fries or a McPlant and fries for only £1.99.

Other items included in the offer are McNuggets, Quarter Pounder and Fillet-O-Fish. 

If you follow the charity shop enthusiasts instructions you could get a burger, drink and fries for only £3.18. A meal combination that would usually set you back £6.49

By using this money-saving hack you will wind up paying £3.18 for a burger, drink and fries – a meal that you would usually have to shelf out £6.49 for.

The thrifter added with glee : ‘And because its McDonald’s Monopoly at the moment you can get free stuff. I just won a free medium drink milkshake.’

Many flooded the comments in awe of the fast food hack, with one person even writing: ‘Now I know why McDonald’s near me doesn’t print a receipt.’ 

Another added: ‘Good tip! Will definitely try.’ 

Some even admitted they had been doing the hack ‘for years’, with a user confessing: ‘I do this so many times and always ask my friends for the receipt.’

Other flocked to the comments with their tips on how to save even more money and improve the trick.

One commenter advised: ‘Order a dip next time it’s 10p still get a receipt.’ 

While another quipped: ‘I do this every time. I also do this all whilst logging into the app at the ordering machines so I can earn points too!!’

While many flocked to the comments praising the fast food chain hack, others were not to pleased at the thought of going through the drive through twice

A fan of the fast food chain said: ‘Also you can use the receipt from the meal you just bough to get another voucher for next time.’ 

Although many were branding the hack as a ‘smart move’ not everyone was pleased about the thought of having to go into the McDonald’s repeatedly.

One stated: ‘It would mean I would have to go through the drive through twice.’ 

Another continued: ‘The worst part is I’m old enough to remember when McDonald’s meals were £2.88… crying in *millennial*.’ 

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