Medicom Toy Nods to Retro Gaming With 'PAC-MAN' [email protected]

Medicom Toy has tapped gaming nostalgia for its latest [email protected]BRICK figure. Following its throwback Ghostbusters release, the Japanese toymaker has channeled another ’80s gem, PAC-MAN, for the design of its signature silhouette.

Sporting a glossy black base, the figure is embellished with graphics of vintage PAC-MAN motifs, depicting the retro gaming screen. Starting at the top of the figure is a print of the scoreboard, alongside life count, complemented by a short sequence of Pac-Man approaching a red ghost at the eyes. The [email protected]’s body is detailed with the game’s maze, showing four ghosts hunting for Pac-Man just before it eats an orange. Other features like the figure’s yellow hands, artwork along the waist and tiny fruits emblazoned on the lower left leg finalize the [email protected]’s retro-inspired designs.

Medicom Toy’s PAC-MAN [email protected] 400% & 100% is currently available on CJ Mart’s website for $124 USD.

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