Meena Harris Has The Best Response To Her Husband’s Air Jordans Trending

Kamala Harris’ niece Meena has been gaining prominence in her own right lately and, when she showed up to the 2021 inauguration, the author, mother, and entrepreneur ensured all eyes were on her. As PopSugar reported, Harris donned a stunning all-green outfit comprised of a metallic turquoise Ulla Johnson ensemble and darker-hued coat with a cozy lining, ideal for battling the super cold weather. A pair of chic, sparkly silver boots completed the high-fashion yet functional look. 

Naturally, Harris also wore the requisite face mask, stylishly emblazoned with silver stars. However, although she stunned in her cozy-cute outfit, Harris’ husband Nikolas Ajagu arguably caused more of a stir after he was snapped wearing a pair of blinged-out Nike Air Jordans, later identified by the Houston Chronicle as super-rare Dior 1 sneakers. Now, Harris is setting the record straight about whether she personally okayed this particular fashion choice for the big day.  

The VP's niece supports her husband's fashion choice

The niece of the first ever female vice president took to Twitter to clear the air about her hubby’s supposed faux pas. “When Nik was packing for DC he actually asked me whether he should bring Jordans or stick to dress shoes,” she began. Harris went on to admit, “I didn’t know which Js he was considering, and apparently I was in a jolly mood so I said ‘Do what makes you happy.'” Ajagu didn’t end up confirming with her either way, so his wife was as surprised as everybody else watching the inauguration when he showed up in the eye-catching shoes. 

In his defense, the Air Jordan 1 High OG Dior sneakers, to give them their full title, aren’t your garden variety shoes. The Dior website gushes about how the design “balances timeless silhouettes” and “brings new life to a classic sport style.” They were incredibly hard to come by, too, with Women’s Wear Daily confirming just 13,000 pairs were made in total, 5,000 of which were offered to Dior’s nearest and dearest first, leaving just 8,000 for the rest of the world to fight over. They retailed for $2,000 a pop, or $2,200 for the high-top variety.  

Sneakers might not be the most obvious choice for a presidential inauguration, but these particular shoes qualify as designer kicks and Ajagu was clearly comfortable in them, so it’s not shocking that Harris chose to support rather than chastise him for it. 

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