Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘bridge-building’ with palace in new Commonwealth video

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have relocated to LA in an unprecedented split from the Royal Family. However, they are still involved in the Queen Commonwealth Trust, as this video shows.

Judi said: “There appears to be some Palace bridge-building beginning here, as both Harry and Meghan reference the Queen and the Commonwealth with a choice of words and body language that suggests respect and even a sense of duty.”

In their personas as a global power-couple there is also a non-verbal shift in dynamics, with what looks like a move towards adopting two different delivery styles.

A body language expert claimed Meghan looked like “a guru”, while Harry refers to himself as an “expert”.

Judi James revealed the couple were far less touchy feely than usual, in a professional mode.

The expert said: “The more tactile behaviours have gone here and there is even a large (for them) spatial gap between them, although as Harry leans across during the call the gap does become smaller.

“Meghan even has her hair falling so that the left side falls down in a curtain between herself and her husband, while the right side is tucked behind her ear.

“This should make tie-sign glances and eye-checks more difficult for them and often their mirroring is less intense as a result, with one smiling or laughing while the other has a more serious expression.”

Of the couple’s demeanour during the call Judi claim Meghan was calm and passionate.

“Meghan’s pose has the kind of calm serenity of a guru and when she speaks she embraces the moment to talk seriously and with empathy,” she said.

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“She adopts her signature left hand across the chest pose to register strong emotions and when she’s not speaking she sits slightly behind Harry, using less movement.”

As for the prince, Judi said: “Harry is back on royal form, but with the role of ‘expert’ thrown in for clout.

“When he refers to ‘the experts’ he sounds as though he is talking about people they have chatted with, although the inclusive hand gesture he throws towards Meghan and himself makes it look as though he’s talking about his wife and himself.”

However, he does appear more restless than his wife.

“Harry shows more variation in mood and thought than Meghan and is often fidgety or looking distracted, touching his face and his clothing and glancing down,” Judi said.

“He leans forward in an announcement gesture to show a desire to speak though and if anything he makes it look as though this is his turn to lead here rather than Meghan’s.”

However, the grandson of the Queen does show “tension” when the subject of the Queen is brought up.

Judi said: “When the subject of the Queen comes up there are some micro-gestures of what looks like tension from Harry. His blink-rate accelerates and there are signs that he’s sucking his lips in.

“He stares ahead reflectively when the Commonwealth is referred to and when he then talks about ‘my grandmother’ his hands rise high in a series of emphatic and illustrative gesticulations.

“When he finishes this section he turns his eyes to Meghan as though aware he is handing the baton over to her. Meghan’s talks about ‘joining the family’ in a slightly softer tone and they seem more at home moving back into their expert/guru roles again to speak with passion about their messages.”

It’s been claimed Meghan Markle subbed protocol with a new look in the video. 

Senior female members of the Royal Family are expected to adhere to strict customs about how they present themselves.

These include wearing nude and never black tights, avoiding wedged heels and using subtle make-up.

However, as a non-working royal Meghan seemed comfortable flying in the face of protocol as she’s seen wearing bold black eyeliner for the first time in months.

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