Melvin Tanaya of Song for the Mute Shares His Father's Day Essentials

This latest Essentials celebrates fatherhood with Father’s Day just around the corner. Joining us is Song for the Mute‘s Melvin Tanaya — a new father of two with both children under the age of two.

Preparing for the upcoming 2022 Spring/Summer season for SFTM, Tanaya has been experiencing a different kind of busyness as he juggles playing both the role of a designer and father. Showing off his assortment of everyday carry items, Tanaya details items that he’s been using for years as well as newly acquired possessions that he considered“essential” for his job as a full-time dad.

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Terre D’Hermes (Eu de Parfum)
The only fragrance that I’ve used/own in the past 15 years since it was first released back in 2006. I have both the super large 200ml bottle that I keep in my room and also the travel pack that I always keep in my bag. I’ve never been so good when it comes to scents so it’s one of those things that I like to keep simple.

Song for the Mute OG Worker Jacket (SS17 BEAU)
Not only it’s my most worn jacket to date (even 4 years later!) but it was also the piece that changed everything for the brand. It was the first time that we introduced the Worker Jacket silhouette into our collection and the rayon used in this piece was the first collaboration between SFTM and this very old traditional Japanese mill located in Gifu, Ichinomiya, a little town outside of Nagoya. The mill is run by one single man currently in his 80s. It’s the perfect all-season jacket. As you can see, it still features the old SFTM logo and the old buttons we used to do.

Rolex GMT-Master 1675 (1971)
I’ve always preferred vintage watches and this is the gift that I bought for myself when SFTM turned 10 years old.

Loewe Business Card Wallet + Song for the Mute Business Card and MA+ Wallet in Calfskin
These are the 2 wallets that I always have with me wherever I go. My role in the business requires me to have my business card at all times. The Loewe was a birthday gift from my SFTM team from a few years back. The MA+ wallet is a gift from my wife over 13 years ago now.

Tumi All-Region Converter + USD Charger
Absolute travel essentials that I can’t live without. It must have been over 10 years ago that my mother gifted me this Tumi converter and until this day people still ask me where they can their hands on this. It’s super compact and it features a USB plug as well on the side.

Sleep Mask and Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones
Noise and light canceling.

Dad Supplies
Pigeon Anti-Bacterial Wipes
Camelbak Water Bottle
2x Sized Spoons
New Balance 990v5 for Kids
1Adidas Gazelle for Kids

Dad life essentials. We have two kids (both under two years old) so these are the items that I always have to have in my Snow Peak tote that has become our official baby bag due to its super lightweight and generous size. Every parent knows that you always need extra nappies for emergencies and anti-bacterial wipes are always a must. Alexa is 18 months older than Maddie so we need to have spoons for each that are right for their size. A family water bottle that we all share and the two shoes are just a representation of my kids – who both have become the “essentials” in my life.

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